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2003 Logo - MCO National Tour Event

MCO was brought to Madison in the first year that Elver Park was installed AND the first year of the Wisconsin Tour. The event has brought some of the biggest names in the sport of Disc Golf to Madison and has earned a reputation as a premiere event on the tour. Wisconsin Disc Golf Tour Stop  --- Tournament Website

Winners By Year

Year Open Division Winner Results Tier TD
2017 Alex Geisinger Results[1] A Brian Peck
2016 Cale Leiviska Results A Brian Peck
2015 Johne Mc Cray Results A Brandon Tatge

Keith Warren


A Brad Wendt
2013 Cale Leiviska Results A Mike Batka
2012 Adam Olsen Results B Mike Batka
2011 Cale Leiviska Results A Mike Batka
2010 Chris Heeren Results A Mike Batka
2009 Chris Heeren Results A Brad Wendt
2008 Barry Schultz Results B Brad Wendt
2007 Barry Schultz Results


B Brad Wendt
2006 Chris Heeren Results


B Brad Wendt
2005 Jon Drummond Results B Brad Wendt
2004 Barry Schultz Results


A/C Brad Wendt
2003 Barry Schultz Results



Don Hoffman

Brad Wendt

2002 Brian Scheberger Results A Don Hoffman
2001 Avery Jenkins Results A Don Hoffman
2000 July 8-9 A Don Hoffman
1999 Sep 4-5 A Don Hoffman
1998 Sep 12-13 B Brad Wendt
1997 Aug 30-31 B Don Hoffman
1996 Aug 31-1 B Don Hoffman
1995 Sep 3 B Don Hoffman
1994 Sep 24-25 B Don Hoffman
1993 July 25 C Don Hoffman

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