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Silver Creek ribbon cutting in 2001 with Ed Headrick.

Ed Headrick at the ribbon cutting for Silver Creek Park in 2001.

Silver Creek Park baskets were installed on October 31st, 2000 and the first Manitowalk in the Park tournament was held in July 2001.  This multi use park seems perfect for disc golf with Silver Creek running through, Lake Michigan just a stones throw from several fairways and great elevation playing into your shot selections.  Ed Headrick cut the ribbon with local officials and Mayor Kevin Crawford in June of 2001.

Pre-basket course layout

Local disc golfers designed a course played from July 1978 to October 2000.  The map shown on this page by Jeff Griebling and Mike Behringer shows the layout as it was most frequently played.  This 25 hole course was seen by a few local officials as a less than desirable element trying to take over the park. Mayer Kevin Crawford was quoted as saying that "Silver Creek will never have a disc golf course."  Jeff Griebling, immediately retorted "Progress with preveil here!" 

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