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Barry Schultz driving at Mad City Open 2001

The Wisconsin tour promotes the largest and best run events in the state and give players the opportunity to compete in a series which crowns tour champions in all actively participating divisions at the finale event in the fall. The tour started in 1993 with only 4 tournaments and has increased to now include 14 events. The finale has been a reward for playing well at the tour stops.   


1993 Sheboygan and Appleton held tournaments on one weekend and then Milwaukee and Madison shared another weekend. Four one day events across Wisconsin.


2015 Freedom , Kenosha , Stevens Point , Silver Lake , Eau Claire , Oshkosh , Sheboygan , Milwaukee , Manitowoc , Green Lake , Mosinee , Madison , Lac du Flambeau , Sparta and West Bend (Tour Finale)

Tour Champions

Pro Division Champs

Open Pro Pro Masters Pro Gr Masters Pro Women
2014 Scott Burtard Chad Inman John Pecunia Barrett White
2013 Keith Warren Ken Kreie Brad Wendt Barrett White
2012 Chris Heeren Steve Kinde Troy Campbell Barrett White
2011 Scott Burtard Steve Kinde Brad Wendt Carla Correa
2010 Chris Heeren Steve Kinde Don Hunkel Barrett White
2009 Chris Heeren Rob Mertins Don Hunkel Barrett White
2008 Chris Heeren Don Hunkel Tom Jenkins Katy Schreder
2007 Keith Warren Don Loper Sammy Juisto Katy Schreder
2006 Chris Heeren Don Loper Sammy Juisto Katy Schreder
2005 Mike Schwieger Don Loper Joe Weinshel Raquel Cramlet
2002 Barry Schultz Kevin Rennock Duster Hoffman Barrett White
2001 Barry Schultz Don Miley Duster Hoffman Barrett White
2000 Aaron Wield Larry Ast Ted Mani Karen Royea
1999 Barry Schultz Larry Ast Dave Jewel Karen Lemke
1997 Barry Schultz Larry Ast Ted Mani
1996 Barry Schultz Larry Ast Ted Mani

Advanced Division Champs

Advanced Amateur Advanced Masters Adv Gr Masters Advanced Women
2014 Todd Farnham Bernd Johannsen Tom Mc Manus Sydney Wallenfelsz
2013 Sam Moeller Kevin Onley Tom Mc Manus Jennifer Thatcher
2012 Matt Parker Shelby Watt Steve Loos Nikki Wayd
2011 Matt Parker Josh Babcock Tom McManus Lauren Chilcott
2010 Matt Parker Jeff James Randy Jacobson Melissa Busch
2009 Jim Jungwirth Jay Joseph Amanda Hinkens
2008 Chad Inman Jay Joseph Amanda Hinkens
2007 Ben Singer Steve Nichols Carla Gomez
2006 Trygve Schader Steve Nichols Aimee Betro
2005 Monroy Gowens Steve Nichols Brooke Radke
2002 Bryan Van Horn Dave Delap Shannon Duren
2001 Chris Heeren Tim Tarala Kelly Chambers
2000 Josh Miskowski Tim Tarala Des Reading
1999 Terry Miller Troy Campbell Kim Kruger
1997 Aaron Wield Paul Kuffel Karen Lemke
1996 Ed Birdie Rob Mertins Karen Lemke

Intermediate/Recreational/Junior Division Champs

Intermediate Amateur Intermediate Women Recreational Juniors < 16
2014 Mike Wright Lori Locke Theodore Adelmann Cade Fredrichsen
2013 Adam Perry Stacy Johnson Scott Halverson Kevin Loos
2012 Jon Hart Cari Yelvington Joe Nemec Kevin Loos
2011 Eddie Whitefeather Cari Yelvington Steve Van Rossum Alex Delfosse
2010 Kyle Dolezar Sandy Van De Loo Joe Yatzeck Damon Vue
2009 Matt Parker Jennifer Thatcher Jerron Olson Justin Lammers
2008 Jeffrey Unferth Nikki Brodlo Larry Wright III Mitchell Holms
2007 Carl Wanserski Nadine Malm Jonathan Vue
2006 Gregg Durishan Nadine Malm Bradley Stemper
2005 Brian Peck Cheyenne White Jonathan Salchert
2002 Kevin Thusius Sonja Bolchen Nathan Stolpa
2001 Andy Benton Aime Betro Joey Anderson
2000 Mark Kiar Kelly Chambers Woody Wendt
1999 Josh Miskowski Raquel Cramlet Woody Wendt
1997 Ryan Genske Kim Krueger Jesse Juisto
1996 Paul Archambault James Passmore
1995 Keith Mansavage
1994 Bill Stolpa

(Data courtesy of Steve Kinde @ 2014)